Building Trust

Knowing where the fish on your plate comes from matters importantly. Provenance is not a middle class ideal, it’s the basic right of every consumer, and with concerns over food security making headlines around the globe, it’s good to know that Flatfish is a bastion of credibility, in charge of a sustainable and ethical supply chain from the sea to the fixture.


As one of the largest flat fish specialist processors in the country, sourcing direct from vessels, with suppliers across the UK and internationally, we guarantee the quality of the goods we produce because we engage our supply chain from vessel to consumer. With an emphasis on responsible sourcing, supplying under BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and MSC for sustainable, ethically sourced and excellent quality fish, we offer our customers a genuine connection to the food they buy from us.


We have continually invested in our production facilities; to remain state-of-the-art you must consistently embrace technology and innovation. Our award winning facility offers cutting edge production and a pioneering approach to product development whilst remaining cost effective and retaining the highest possible food standards. Our skilled workforce benefit from a culture of ongoing training and development, maximising our cutting edge facilities and maintaining the levels of service our customers demand.


Flatfish continually strive to package products with efficiency without compromising quality, utilising new techniques and production values to ensure freshness and maintain flavour. As part of an ongoing program of sustained investment in our production facilities, our packaging operations are consistently regarded as the bench mark for the industry, embracing technological advancements and environmental concerns.

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Our customer is at the focus of everything we do. By putting the customer first we work tirelessly to surpass their expectations in terms of supply – from food production, packaging and finally through to our comprehensive logistics offer – guaranteeing a seamless end-to-end service. Our account management, production and administrative teams understand the pressures of retail and food service, providing a customer centric approach to every aspect of our business. From the sea to the plate, Flatfish leads the way.

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