RFS certified, Amity II demonstrating best practise in environmental awareness.

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For those who are not familiar with the RFS;

The SEAFISH Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) is a voluntary vessel based programme certifying high standards of crew welfare and responsible catching practices on fishing vessels.

The scheme demonstrates that a vessel and its skipper are operating to best practice in 5 core areas:

     Safety, health and welfare
     Training and professional development
     The vessel and its mission
     Care of the catch
     Care for the environment.

The scheme is open to all types of fishing vessels and fisheries and is a ‘business- to-business’ tool to help fishermen showcase best practice through independent, third-party auditing.

Such assurance is increasingly sought by the UK fisheries supply chain, and so the RFS satisfies a unique and necessary function. It is the only programme certifying crew welfare and responsible catching practices on vessels, complementing other fishery-based sustainability certifications and contributing to this sector’s long term viability.

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