Flatfish are committed to high standards of Health & Safety, and it is an integral part of our business, we are committed to ongoing yearly improvements. It is fully endorsed by Company Directors. We work in partnership with our insurers to achieve excellent standards of Health & Safety.

There is a Health & Safety committee, which is led by the Health & Safety Manager trained to NEBOSH standards, to fulfil the required levels of Health & Safety, both pro-active and re-active, at site.

The site is internally and routinely externally audited to ensure that standards of Health & Safety are maintained, and improved to confirm the excellent standards of Health & Safety within the business.

The Company is committed to excellent Health & Safety training of not only its employees, but also agency workers. All receive a full Health & Safety induction course, which includes Fire Safety & Manual Handling training.

All receive suitable task and machinery training in their working environment, to operate in a safe manner.

This training is key to the success of our Health & Safety standards. We also provide the required on-going Health & Safety training throughout their time with the business.

The business has suitable systems in place for the communication of Health & Safety, and training of the non-English speaking workforce, where required.

The Company Directors fully support all future developments for Health & Safety, and the ongoing Risk Reduction Programme, as an integral part of the business.

We as a business are committed to providing excellent Health & Safety standards, so reducing accident to our valued workers, so they can return home safely.

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