We are committed to an Ethical code of practice which ensures the welfare and wellbeing of every individual that works for or within our business, and also throughout our supply chain. Flatfish is dedicated to behaving responsibly towards our workers and recognises the clear requirement to integrate ethical policies into the core business decisions that we make.

We understand that managing the needs of our workforce is an ongoing process that requires regular evaluation and scrutiny, to develop widespread workplace improvements. Practices affecting workers are assessed and audited both internally and externally on a regular basis and we are consistently looking to advance our working practices in line with Ethical developments.

We are proud to openly communicate our Ethical Trading policies to our Workers, Customers and Suppliers in order to gain their buy-in to the principles of Ethical Trading, and ensure their importance is understood and adhered to by all parties.

Flatfish Ltd.’s code of conduct is consistent with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.

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