Fish craft stars take in Norwegian Fjords as super prize added to resort competition.

FJORD FOCUS: Magnus Skretting, right, welcomes, from left, George Hooper, Kevin Todd and Reece Stansfield to Norway.

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A “TRIP-of-a-lifetime” around the breathtaking Norwegian Fjords was a surprise prize addition to the successful British Fish Craft Championships, held for the first time in Cleethorpes this summer.

Grimsby’s Flatfish Ltd was instrumental in paving the way for the competition to be hosted in North East Lincolnshire, and the mana- ging director of supplier Sterling White Halibut, Magnus Skretting, offered the five-day trip to his homeland as a supplementary prize to the fish filleting stars.

Mr Skretting was so taken by the competition, held over the August Bank Holiday weekend, he made the offer, which has just been enjoyed.

He has also confirmed it will be a prize again next year, when the event is again held in North East Lincolnshire – this time ahead of the arrival of the World Seafood Congress in Grimsby.

Flatfish director Reece Stansfield joined overall winner Kevin Todd, from Cardiff, and halibut category winner George Hooper, from London, as an ambassador on the tour.

He said: “It was absolutely fantastic and we got to take in some breathtaking views, while getting to see all the salmon production and halibut farming in different areas. It was brilliant and both the winners really appreciated it.

“Kevin, the overall champion, was really humbled by the prize – he couldn’t believe it. It really was a trip-of-a-lifetime.”

Marine Harvest, owner of Sterling, provided a yacht to take the group more than 20 miles into the picturesque fjords.

Mr Skretting’s generosity will be a huge shot in the arm to the competition.

“It is great for the industry and is going to drum up a lot more interest for next year to have such a prestigious prize,” said Mr Stansfield. “It is great for Grimsby because it was already a prestigious comp- etition, but this has taken it up an extra level.”

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